EUR/GBP Technical Analysis: price holding above the bearish triangle’s resistance

  • EUR/GBP is osciliating around the 10-D SMA with the price holding abovethe bearish triangle's resistance.
  • Dips are bought at the rising 21-D SMA while RSI points to a period of consolidation on the daily sticks. 

Spot rate:                   0.8840
High:                          0.8843
Low:                           0.8838

Trend:                        Bullish while above bearish triangle resistance. 
Resistance 1:            0.8880
Resistance 2:            0.8943 (5th May tops).         
Resistance 3:            The 0.9034 October 2017 high on the wide is a key upside.

Support 1:                 0.8847 (10-D SMA)         
Support 2:                 0.8813 (21-D SMA) 
Support 3:                 0.8620 protects a run towards 0.8526 as being the 78.6% retracement of the move from 2017 on the wide.