US extended tariffs exemption for EU on trade talks – Reuters

As reported by Reuters, the US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross stated that the US granted an extension of the temporary exemptions for steel and aluminum tariffs to the EU on the basis of promising trade talks with Washington, but noted that he does not expect the practice to continue. Key quote ...

BoC Poloz: hopeful as ever, but still playing on the safe side

Bank of Canada (BoC) Governor Poloz gave statements during a Q&A today regarding interest rates and the BoC's stance moving forward. Key highlights Sees the need for monetary stimulus fading. Too much debt could expose vulnerability. Things are currently fine, but as interest rates mov ...

NZD/USD hits 0.7025 before falling again as NZ jobs report whips

The Kiwi spiked, then tanked as the NZ job report delivers mixed results. Despite a strong employment rate, NZ's labor market continues to struggle to develop real wage growth. The NZD/USD whipped in both directions on a mixed jobs report early in the Asia session, but the pair is stil ...

White House: Expects to complete tariff negotiations soon

The White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders give some talking points about the US' steel and aluminum tariffs after they announced an extension of the temporary tariff exemptions granted to multiple key allies of the US. Sanders stated that they have made 'progress' on tarif ...

South Korea Consumer Price Index Growth registered at 0.1%, below expectations (0.2%) in April

South Korea Consumer Price Index Growth (YoY) meets forecasts (1.6%) in April

United Kingdom BRC Shop Price Index (YoY) remains at -1% in April

New Zealand Labour cost index (QoQ) came in at 0.3% below forecasts (0.4%) in 1Q

New Zealand Unemployment Rate below forecasts (4.5%) in 1Q: Actual (4.4%)

New Zealand Participation Rate below expectations (70.9%) in 1Q: Actual (70.8%)

New Zealand Employment Change registered at 0.6% above expectations (0.4%) in 1Q

New Zealand Labour cost index (YoY) below expectations (2%) in 1Q: Actual (1.9%)

AUD/USD takes out 0.75, poised for further losses

Aussie sinks again as the US Dollar continues to recover broad-market. China is back in play this week and PMI data could impose swings on the Asia session. The AUD/USD dropped once more on Tuesday, hitting a bottom of 0.7472 before settling near 0.7490 heading into the overnight session. Th ...

Market wrap: US dollar strength continued – Westpac

Analysts at Westpac explained that the US dollar strength continued, rising against all G10 currencies and breaking some key levels.  Key Quotes: The broad US dollar rally that kicked off 19 April accelerated in London/NY trade, again without a particularly clear catalyst in terms of US dat ...